Stay Gold

I decided to write this post in English, the reason is to put down some of my thought on paper and to learn how to write in English better. I haven’t written a long article for so long since I left my college, so I take this chance to shape my words and challenge myself. Well, this is my first time as I remember I had started writing down my thought on paper (what I mean by that is write onto the computer) in English, so it might take me a while and I might make a lot of mistakes. I hope you will not feel annoying when you read it.

I haven’t thought about the title before I write these words, I am just writing and hope that I can figure out a good title that match with the content after a few minutes of writing, so let’s look at the title after you read my whole story, and let me know if I made the right one for it.

Let’s just start with my today – Friday, August 24, 2018.

After signing the leasing contract of my new apartment, my roommates and I decided to go for lunch at 2:30PM. We were all hungry at that time and thinking to get some noodles at the restaurant owned by Vietnamese called Pho Tien Thanh, near Ossington Station. I haven’t been at this place at all since I moved to Canada for four years. Well, don’t laugh at me. Most of the time I spent staying around North York area and the east side of downtown Toronto, so being at this place is something new to me, I was pretty excited walking down along side the street and enjoy the sunshine under the beautiful weather.

Right next to the restaurant, there is a very tasty ice-cream store as I was advertised. It might be true because the line was pretty long outside of the store. The smell was appealing because of the cookies mixed with the different smell of the ice-cream: Vanilla, Chocolate, London Fog, Caramel and so on. I wasn’t craving for it that much until the smell was covering the whole store, went outside and came to my nose. Looking at the menu for a while, I decided to go for Caramel with the cookies named “Everything”. It is such a nice name! I wondered why they named it like that, is it made from all of the ingredients? The question just randomly came up in my mind for a second and stopped without having an answer for it. I should have asked the lady there. Anyway, the special “everything” tasted so good with the caramel flavour. It is some kind of original thing that everyone can eat and enjoy. At least it didn’t taste like some Donut, Cinnabon or some kind of ginger things like “ginger balls” from Tim Hortons. I enjoyed it a lot.


The ice-cream store with bunch of different flavour ice-cream pots.

Most of stores on the street are selling jewellery and decor stuff. We went inside to a hand-made jewellery store called New York something, just because the front-door of the store look pretty appealing to me under the white background. A woman came to us and asked:

-“How is everything going?”

– “It is good!” I said.

-“Just let you guys know we have weekly workshop teaching how to make hand-made accessories, so if you feel interested, you can give it a try” the woman introduced.

-“Sound pretty interesting, thanks” I said.

We were staying there for a while and went out without having so much impression about it. Walking after a while, we stopped at a decor store. I don’t know why I usually get attracted by these things, I mean hand-made things. They are just so cute to me. I wrapped a candle because of its smell. It smell like a cigarette reminding me of someone I used to know in the past. So I took it despite of how expensive it is compared with the value of a candle. I think it is worth, at least at that moment, I know if I hadn’t buy it, I would have regretted by the end of the day.


The main corner of the store


The candle I got “Amber + Smoke” – $18 included tax

There was another one we went to also look pretty interesting. I was impressed with the atmosphere and how it was decorated, but it seem there wasn’t much things to do in the store.


IMG_0298 copy.jpg

“Stay Gold” is sticked pretty big on the wall of the store – Like another way of saying keep being precious as you are . So I took a picture of it to remind myself being worth at what you deserve.

We decided to walk from Ossington to Spadina Street where Kensington Market located. It took us 30 minutes to get there. We went inside a very huge store to look around and see if we can buy anything for our new apartment. Staying there for 45 minutes, we didn’t get anything. Getting out of store, it was pretty dark outside. I took some pictures to have something bringing home before I finish my day.

Well, downtown Toronto is really busy compared to the town I am living now. What I mean by busy is being alive, dynamic and crowd but not too rush. It just come to my mind that life should be like that, so people can be more active, live more fulfill and stay more foolish…

At the end of the day, I realized it was a very long walking day with many different emotion and feeling that I haven’t experienced for a while.


August 25, 2018

2 thoughts on “Stay Gold

  1. Thank you for writing all of our moments of that day. For me, it was such a very special day in my life while it was the first time I own an apartment that I could decorate it myself. Thank you for the lovely blog that reminds me of most of the interestingly unforgettable memories. Keep it up and Stay Gold 😉

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  2. Well…Finally I finished your article. It’s such a long story!! =))) In general, you have a good view and great observation skill when you are able to describe clear and specific areas surrounding you. Furthermore, I pretty feel interested in the ice-cream store and its smell when you introduced about it. I must admit that it really generates my appetite and hope that we can try together =)) However, this article still remains few unacceptable mistakes especially verb tenses. You should be more carefully if you want your audiences do not confuse or annoy about these bungles. By the way, this is amazing English article, not too much Vietnamese people who are confidence and brave to do what you have been doing. I strongly believe that you can do better in next time, and I’m w8 for this. Luv u :3


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